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Handcrafted Energized Pure Copper Shree Yantra Pyramid - Sacred Hindu Symbol for Prosperity and Harmony, Ideal As A Gift, Home Blessing

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Energized Hand Crafted Copper Shree Yantra Pyramid

Welcome to Harmony Collection Boutique’s cabinet of curiosities, where every manifestation tool is treasure and has been curated along my spiritual path under the guidance of my spirit companions. Within our collection, you'll find some of the most unique curios, carefully selected and tested by being incorporated into my own rituals, each piece infused with profound spiritual significance and energy.

The Shree Yantra (also known as Sri Yantra or Shri Chakra) is a sacred geometric symbol in Hinduism and Tantric traditions.

It is a complex interlocking diagram formed by nine triangles that are placed around a central point ( the bindu). The triangles are arranged in such a way that they form 43 smaller triangles within the larger triangles.

In Hinduism and ancient Tantric practices, the Shree Yantra represents much more than just a geometrical shape.

The Shree Yantra consists of nine interlocking triangles, each of which represents a different aspect of the cosmos (divine feminine and male forces)- Shiva and Shakti.

Everything in the cosmos can be traced down to a single point (bindu), which represents the un-manifest yet the absolute reality.

The physical cosmos is represented by the outermost triangle, while the remaining triangles stand for other facets of creation, such as the Elements, the Senses, and the Chakras( or main Energy points).

It is believed that the Shree Yantra symbolises the Ultimate Purpose of human life: to achieve Oneness with the Divine. It has long been revered as a potent resource for Material Success, Personal Development, and Enlightenment.

The Shree Yantra is a symbol representing the ultimate reality of existence and the interconnection of all things in the universe. As such, it is considered a powerful tool for meditation.

Not only that but this powerful tool is known to bring its devotee the balance between Spiritual and Material worlds, and the connection between the Individual and the Cosmos. For this reason, Shree Yantra is known to help in attracting wealth, prosperity, and abundance, as well as in spiritual growth and enlightenment.

The Shree Yantra is considered one of the most auspicious and powerful Yantras in Hinduism and it is the reason why in Asia, in particular in India, you will see this beautiful Yantra in many temples and homes🙏🏻

Benefits of Shree Yantra:

- The Shree Yantra is widely regarded as an effective method of attracting energy that lends itself in the form of wellbeing, and abundance into one's life. Its power to attract wealth and harmony from the Universe is attributed to keeping the Yantra in a clean space in the home or office.

 The Shree Yantra is thought to promote deep harmony and balance in all areas of life by balancing the masculine and feminine forces inside the Body and the Environment.

- When kept on an altar, the Shree Yantra is revered as an effective means towards self-realisation and higher consciousness. It's supports one to connect with the Divine and reach new heights of awareness.

- When kept in a home, the Shree Yantra is thought to improve interpersonal connections by fostering mutual respect and bolstering loyalty amongst members of a family.

- When brought along( ex. placed in a car), the Shree Yantra is revered as a potent talisman for shielding its owner from harmful influences.

How to Activate Sri Yantra?

The spiritual practice of activating the Shree Yantra entails the devotee’s absolute faith.

The location of placement also plays a major role in activating the Shree Yantra. When first placing it into your home, or inviting its energies into your life, the 5 minutes meditation should be done in a spot that is clean and quiet. The Shree Yantra should be oriented so that the North or East.

It is vital that the devotee cleanses his or her system ( having a shower, and emptying your bowels)-Please do not skip this steps🙏🏻

Before beginning the meditation, make sure you are wearing clean clothes.

Set the Shree Yantra down on a clean piece of fabric. Prepare the altar by lighting a candle and incense of any kind.

You can show your gratitude and dedication to the Shree Yantra by making an offering of flowers, fruit, sweets, or anything else.

While focusing on the Shree Yantra, chant the activating mantra: such “Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamale Kamalaleyi Praseed Praseed Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalaxmiyei Namaha." - regardless of your voice/ tone, accent, as long as your intention is There, it will activate itself, so don’t worry on the pronunciation.

Close your eyes and picture the Shree Yantra inside your head. Look at the Bindu (in the middle and the triangles around it). Experience the Yantra's glowing copper energies encompassing your whole body inside out.

Focus on what you hope to accomplish with the aid of the Shree Yantra before energizing it. Imagine if everything you want has already come true.

Hold the Shree Yantra in your palms and concentrate on it while you close your eyes to transfer your energy( your intentions)-they can be as many. When you are done” telling it your intentions”,sit in front of it and meditate while staring at it for as long as you are guided to.

Thank the Shree Yantra for its blessings, end the meditation and take the offerings from the altar, whenever you are ready.

How to Energise Shree Yantra?

Every year or so, you may Purify the Shree Yantra by washing it in water or milk and drying it off with a clean cloth before energizing it.

To energise the Yantra just reaffirm your intentions and add any New ones, while repeating the Activation steps.

Who is the Shree Yantra for?

The Shree Yantra is for Everyone, regardless of age, cast and creed. You don’t have to be a Hindu or a Yogi to own one, you just have to know the right way to place it, activate it and re-energise it. Long as you do that, it will work wonderfully for you🙏🏻

What will I receive?

This listing is for One Handmade Pure Copper Energised Shree Yantra Pyramid composed by two pieces, the Square bottom part that represents the Earth and all surrounding realms and forms of existence, and the Pyramid itself that is Hollow, and represents the Cosmos.

The reason behind this hollowness is that only through this inner hollowness Shree Yantra will attract, store and multiply inside its sacred geometry the universal energy for its owner🙏🏻

How to clean Shree Yantra?

As it is made of pure copper, naturally, with time and with holding, copper will turn colour. Even as it just protected your home, is known to turn colour on its own. Rest assured with proper guidance, you may clean it and bring it to its formal colour, in less than 2 minutes😁🤞🏻

First I want to begin by saying that Shree Yantra is a Living Form of energy that honours Life and Existence in all forms🙏🏻

To respect and maintain its purity, only Natural Origin ingredients should be used when cleaning it. Such as freshly squeezed lemon juice, salt or turmeric powder.

Place any of these ingredients or All combined in a bowl, and gently with a sponge dipped into these substances, you may rub all around and inside of it, clean with water all the residues and dry it with a clean cloth.

*****This particular Yantra has been handmade and energised in Malaysia by my Guru-Shangkar*****

*The size is 3x3 inches

*The material used into making it is pure Copper- as this is known to be the most energy conducive material in ancient tantric traditions

*It is not to be replaced with any medications, unless so prescribed by your doctor

*It will come safely wrapped and shipped with Express Courier Service*