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Organic DIAMONDS Aroma Candle-Signature Scent-GAEA-Exclusive At Harmony Collection Boutique,Spiritual Gift,Aromatherapy Candle,Handmade Gift

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DIAMOND CANDLES LINE-Exclusive,at Harmony Collection Boutique✨

Can you imagine,just for a brief 10 minutes,taking some time for yourself,walking out of your home,on a field of fresh grass,flowers and chirping birds,and that with every step you’re leaving worries,stress,responsabilities,family,friends,chores,rules,social norms,all behind you,and reconnect to Your True Mother?not the mother that gave you birth but the mother that nurtured you,your mother,and every living thing on this planet,that continues to nurture you,providing you with every little thing she has to offer,for your survival?Have you yet realized that not only She has provided you the food and shelter you need but also the tools that you need for your spiritual,emotional and mental well being?Just burn this candle,and find your precious and meaningful gift from Her✨

This candle is meant to bring you back to her loving embrace,over and over again,as long and as much as you need it.As it burns,the feelings of being safe,grounded,cared for,the feeling of being in true Grace and peace will burn within yourself,and it will hopefully manifest throughout your life,as it is my Intention.

Throughout my path..I have discovered,researched and studied scents that actually Work.

I am happy to let you discover one of my Signature Scents,GAEA-exclusive at Harmony Collection Boutique!

These candles are hand made with much love and with only the best and finest ingredients,all of Organic nature,for ourselves and the enviroment around us.

The scent will be somewhat sweet and fresh but not overpowering,just like on a nature walk.

I have used : 

Organic Beeswax,Grapefruit,Royal Sandalwood,Bewitching Sandalwood,Precious Rosehip Organic essential oils,and a little surprise:

A piece of natural fair trade Diamond for you,from our Mother’s womb,as You,I and Diamonds are born,so that you or anyone you love never forgets that where you come from,diamonds are too!✨

✨✨✨✨You May Get Your Diamond in each piece of candle,some are bigger in size than others,so it will be a beautiful surprise and discovery for every candle!✨✨✨✨

*The container is made of Tin,and it can be cleaned,and re-used 🫶🏻

Measurements are: 1x3 inches

Burning time is : Aprox. 7-12 hours

-Although you may light it up and burn again whenever you like,to make it last longer😊


*The cost will be for 1 Aroma Candle
 With A Diamond Piece each.

*Buyers from the US are required to cover the shipping cost,unless they are ordering as Add On-meaning,joint shipping with another product/adoption in my store😊

*To take out the diamond,please use a spoon once you detect where it is located,as the candle burns-Do proceed with Caution⚠️ 

*Please keep out of reach for children
*Never leave a candle unattended 

*Make sure you place it on resistant surfaces,or add a protective plate underneath if you’re planning to burn it for longer hours

*Also note that the ingredients used to create this blend are high quality organic,essential oils,of natural origin.It usually takes a few days for the scents to even develop.While the scent is not very Mild in the least,it may not probably smell as strong as perfumed candles-if you prefer a stronger smelling,perfumed candle,this is probably not for you🙏🏻


*They are perfect as a gift and a blessing to someone,or as a gift for yourself🌹